Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Baby's First Playlist

It's been a hectic few weeks here at TMMPF HQ. All that diaper changing really puts a dent in the blogging time.

Music, as you know, is a big part of our lives, and so we wasted no time in getting the baby acclimated to our musical tastes. Here are the songs she listened to in the first weeks of life:
  • "Big Brown Eyes" by the Old 97's / "Blue Eyes" by Uncle Tupelo. The former probably because we were listening to "Wreck Your Life" in the car on the day that became her birthday. The latter because when she came out, her eyes were more blue than brown. (Since then I've learned that all babies eyes are blue-gray at birth, and the true color won't come in for about nine months.)
  • "No Need to Cry" by Neko Case. Because it's true.
  • "Do You Realize??" by the Flaming Lips. I sang the first few lines of this to her in the hospital.
  • "Stuck Between Stations", "Chips Ahoy", "Stay Positive": all alluded to previously, but the energy and excitement were coarsing through me in those hours and days in the hospital room.
  • "Sleepness Nights" (written by Gram Parsons, but I like the Elvis Costello version)
  • "White Winter Hymnal" by Fleet Foxes, because it seemed to calm her down. In fact, since  I typed this up a couple weeks ago, we've learned that Fleet Foxes are the only surefire way to calm her down. Those guys need to put out an 8-disc box set, pronto.
  • "Howling for You" by the Black Keys. By Thursday (two days after the birth) we realized there were a few things from home we wanted, so I drove back to get them. My head was spinning. XRT played this song that I've heard several times, but this line jumped out at me: "Can't you see, little girl's got a hold on me like glue."

  • "Stay up Late" by the Talking Heads. Heard this on my way to Babies R Us recently, and thought, oh yeah, that's true.
  • "New Kid" by the Old 97's. Because she is. 
And of course ...
  • "Goodnight Elizabeth" by the Counting Crows. They spelled Elizabeth with an "s" on their Recovering the Satellites CD, but I've gone ahead and corrected the spelling for them.