Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Ninth Annual TMMPF Pick Six Game!!

GAME ON! Watch the viking kitties to get psyched up....

The release of the Associated Press preseason poll means it's time to play the TMMPF Pick Six game! If you've never played before, or somebody sent this link to you, it's really easy....

HOW TO PLAY: The AP college football Top 25 is divided into five groups: 1-5, 6-10, etc. You pick one team from each grouping:

A: Ohio State, Texas Christian, Alabama, Baylor, Michigan State
B: Auburn, Oregon, Southern Cal, Georgia, Florida State
C: Notre Dame, Clemson, UCLA, Louisiana State, Arizona State
D: Georgia Tech, Ole Miss, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Wisconsin
E: Stanford, Arizona, Boise State, Missouri, Tennessee

Then pick one unranked team. Those are your teams for the whole year. The goal is to have the highest ranked teams at the end of the season. The game ends with the final AP poll after the national championship game. 

The game is so easy, anyone can play. And in fact, kids, cats, dogs, neighbors, etc are all invited to submit an entry. 

HOW TO ENTER: Submit your six teams (don't forget your Pick Sixth), your entry name and your bonus picks (see below) to tmmpf 'dot' blog 'at' gmaildotcom. The deadline is 5pm Central on Thursday, September 3which is the first game of the season. If you played last year, you can keep the same name or pick a new one.

THE PRIZE: The winner gets something kitschy and college football themed. IMPORTANT: if you live outside the Midwest and find something goofy like a University of Alabama wall hanging made of felt or a 1998 UCLA poster with Cade McNown, acquire it and send it to me. I will be eternally grateful. 

TELL YOUR FRIENDS! We've set attendance records for three years straight, and it would be great to keep that up. The more people you know playing, the more fun it is. If you are on "the social media," spread the word to any real friends, Facebook friends, Twitter pals, co-workers, anyone who enjoys picking one of five things randomly. You can share this link:

BONUS POINTS! If you read this far, congrats! After the success of the bonus question last year, we're bringing it back. You can win five free points by getting either of these two questions correct:

Who will win more regular season games: Tennessee, Arkansas or the same? 
Who will win the Pacific 12 South division: Choices are: Southern Cal, UCLA, Arizona, Arizona State, Utah, Colorado.

There is no penalty for guessing wrong. If you get both right, you only get five points total.

ANY QUESTIONS? Ask away in the comments or via email. Thanks and good luck!

Do it for America. Do it for  Sam. Play the Pick Six.