Sunday, January 20, 2008

After Attending Michigan Basketball Game, Terrelle Pryor Picks OSU

Stud Recruit: Losing to This Iowa Team is Unacceptable

ANN ARBOR, Mich. (AP) -- This year’s top football recruit, Terrelle Pryor of Pennsylvania, made his official campus visit to the University of Michigan this weekend. He watched last night’s Iowa-Michigan basketball game as part of the recruitment effort, but the result was not what Wolverine officials wanted: on the court or in the stands.

“I’m not coming to Michigan,” the super-recruit announced. “Nope. Sorry. This weekend was supposed to convince me that Michigan is where I want to spend my college days. Well, I want to be around winners. Did you see that game? That’s not winners.”

The star quarterback attended the game with friend/mentor/role model for potential failure Charlie Batch, who knows a little something about not living up to expectations in the Mitten State. Batch pointed out that Pryor won’t be expected to play basketball, but Pryor responded that that the 2007-08 Iowa basketball team’s conference run was predicted to be “an 18-game stretch of futility never before seen in program history.”

“Seriously, man. Iowa. Iowa! They were playing at home against a school that lost to Drake. If they wanted me that bad, they could have at least won the game. Whatever. I’m going to Ohio State. They may lose in the national championship game every year, but at least they get there.”

"Do I really want to wear this shitty yellow shirt for 4 years?"

(If you haven’t heard of Terrelle Pryor, you almost certainly have heard of Jimmy Clausen, last year’s No. 1 recruit. Just think of Clausen, minus the spiky haircut and Hummer limo, plus black and speedy. Also, he’s not coming to Notre Dame, so there’s not as much reason to follow his every move.)

As hyped as he is, Pryor would be only the fourth-most hyped Pryor of the past 50 years, including comedian Richard, rookie sensation Mark and unacceptable legal intrusion restraint. And even if he turns into the Rick Mirer of this generation, he still won’t be the most disappointing Terrelle, and nowhere near the most annoying Terrelle (with or without the extra “le”).

New Michigan Coach Richard “Dick” Rodriguez was disappointed in the news. “We really expected to put our best foot forward as part of Terrelle’s campus visit,” said Rodriquez, who five months ago signed a contract to be head coach of West Virginia’s football team through the year 2013.

“I guess this kid just wasn’t ready to make a commitment.”

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borowrstlr08 said...

i really don't think he would say that. i love ohio state and think it would be cool if he did but if he said that around michigan fans there would be no more terrell pryor.