Sunday, February 03, 2008

Best of MPF 2007: Bonus Tracks

I am a Luddite. I remember and appreciate the good ol' analog days when a movie or a record came out, and that was that. But now, every DVD that is released has to come with special features. Many reissues of those old records come with bonus tracks, as if the original release wasn't good enough for today's demanding consumers.

I'd like to think they got it right the first time, and you don't need to see the scenes that were cut from the movie. There's usually a good reason they were cut in the first place: Can you think of any deleted scene where you thought, 'oh yeah, that should have been in the final cut' ? Probably not. It's a deleted scene for a reason.

Well, sometimes you can make a case for bonus tracks: it's additional music from an artist you like, and it may have merit even though it didn't make the album. Maybe there was a reason, like it just didn't fit the mood, or it would've made the record too long.

At any rate, here are the "bonus tracks" for the Best of MPF 2007:

Best Picture: Usually when this category exists, it's a picture of me and one other person. And although I didn't want to make every single category wedding related, it certainly was an oversight to not include this: (click to see it bigger)

Now like I said, Best Picture has traditionally featured me. However, serendipity struck on an afternoon in June, on the streets of Cambridge, Mass., near snobby Harvard. I couldn't believe such a book existed and that we found it while we were out with GregClam...

Clam, he is.

Best Sacrament: This, like Best Day, is a slam dunk: Matrimony. Like 2006's award winner, this sacrament took place at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart on the campus of the University of Notre Dame. It gets my recommendation if you're looking for somewhere to participate in a sacrament.

Best Mode of Transportation: (use your "Price is Right" announcer voice) A NEW CAR!!!!!!!!!

Best Road Trip: This is a category that makes a lot more sense if you have a car. And we didn't have a car for 75% of the year. And so, ah, let's move on to the next category that I have neatly re-named as:

Best Trip (Regardless of How You Did It): Boston, to see the Morts and the Sox.

The view from the right field bleachers at Fenway Pahk.


TinaMarie said...

Love the pics MPF!

mpf004 said...

that's cause for the first time, you made Best Pic!