Thursday, March 20, 2008

March Madness

Hey people, the best Thursday-Friday combo of the year is here.

No pictures of the cat, no witty captions, no 1,000 word essays about The Hold Steady, just wanted to give everyone a look at the answer key.

In fact, I am so confident, I've titled it The Answer Key. View "The Answer Key" here.

The alma maters are five seeds. Notre Dame plays tonight vs. the George Mason Patriots, and Drake plays tomorrow noonish vs. the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers. You already knew that W. Ky. has a weird, scary looking mascot. But G. Mason is right there with 'em.

Good luck with your brackets, and enjoy the Madness!

1 comment:

83F said...

I 2nd that one! Now if the weather could warm up a bit....

Nice use of a previously used name of an NCAA bracket. ("T" in '93.)