Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cats Gone Wild!

You may have heard about this story involving a wild cougar in the city of Chicago. Regular readers know that we have a wild cat of our own at La Casa Ferreter.

Speaking of cats...

Recently I joined my family for an enjoyable stroll through the Lincoln Park Zoo on Chicago's North side. I've always liked the Lincoln Park Zoo because it is free to the public and because they have lots of big cats.

It is no secret that I love cats.

Especially tigers.

Personally, I'm partial to Bengal tigers.

A tiger at the Licoln Park Zoo

But a good Siberian or Detroit Tiger ain't too bad either.

My love for Detroit Tigers began at a young age.

Something that has always fascinated me about wild and domesticated cats is that their characteristics are so similar. Now, I've been to the Field Museum. I know that they are all related. But it is still intersting (to me at least) to see it first hand.

This was never more apparent than at LPZ a few weeks ago.

For example, afternoon siesta...

... and afternoon siesta.

Sitting proud and tall....

... and sitting proud and tall.

Unfortunaly this is a very unscientific study. I do not own a tiger (or a lion or a leapard).

But I do own a Quigley.

And quite frankly I wouldn't have it any other way.

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