Sunday, June 01, 2008


If you didn't already know (and you should), this blog's co-author is off on the trip of a lifetime...cruising around the Mediterranean and stopping in several countries. She's writing about her adventures here, so go check it out.

I'm biased obviously, but I think it's really exciting and captivating writing. The most recent update is from Turkey and Greece. (That reminds me of an old Mad magazine cartoon where a woman is nervous about going to a cocktail party with her husband..."what am I going to talk about with all those smart people?" asks the housewife. The husband says, "just talk about what you know, the things you know about." So they go to the party and she finds herself in a group with these snobby intellectuals discussing the problems with Turkey and Greece, and the woman pipes up with how she deals with the extra grease when she's cooking a the final panel she has one of those classic Dave Berg-drawn "mortified" looks.)

Go on, "cruise" on over to check out her travel blog...I'll still be here....I got more stuff to write about.

And now, a joke from the second grade:

Q: You're American when you go in the bathroom and you're American when you come out of the bathroom, so what are you in the bathroom?

A: European!


83F said...

I'm sorry, MPF. That joke is beyond bad.

mpf004 said...

We were eight, man. What do you expect?