Thursday, July 03, 2008

Music Madness

Yesterday marked the beginning of a busy 4th of July weekend here at TMMPF.

In case you hadn’t noticed we like music. Specifically the rockin’ country kind.

Last night, we trucked out to Berwyn for the opening night of the American Music Festival at Fitzgerald's. The highlight (for us anyway) was our favorite Boston rocker Ms. Sarah Borges (and, of course, the Broken Singles). You may recall we also spent Valentine’s Day with SBBS at Fitzgerald's, a fact that was not lost on us as we chatted with the singer after the show last night.

The Borges set at the American Music Festival was much more rocking (and much more crowded) than in February. She played several songs off of her latest release, Diamonds in the Dark, and was as chatty ever.

(I'm telling you, put Borges and Scott Miller on the same tour and it would be better than a travelling stand-up comedy act (or at least there would be more talking).)

There was no "Around Nine" and no "Stop and Think it Over" though... two songs that I recently heard in random places (the former in Old Navy on State Street and the latter on an airplane - United I think).

Anyway, as previously mentioned we had a nice chat with Sarah after the show (one that included a mention of this blog… so Sarah, if you read this, leave us a comment and let us know what you think). Hopefully SBBS will make it through Chicagoland again soon… preferably in the city. Schubas would be perfect for this band.

Speaking of music in the city, our holiday weekend continues on Independence Day with the XRT free 4th of July show at the Taste of Chicago. MPF already told who is playing. Here’s hoping for a bit of this.

But wait there’s more!

On Saturday night none other than the fabulous Bonnie Raitt will be playing Taste. We saw Bonnie at Blues Fest a few years ago… and it was really freaking cold. It looks like the weather will be better this weekend (nearly perfect in fact) so hopefully we won't be too tired by that point and will make it downtown.

So, whatever you do this weekend I hope there is good music, grilled meat and tasty beverages. Happy 4th of July everyone!

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