Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Cat Days of Summer

The subtitle of our blog is "News, views and the occasional picture of our cat." We've been slacking off in regards to one-third of that promise....

That's right, this one's all about ME. It's about time.

We even have a tag dedicated to such posts. So it's time to get caught up with Quigley's summer.

TM has spent a lot of time away from home this summer...from Europe to DC/Maryland and Pittsburgh this weekend. So I've had some time to observe how Quigley has been spending his summer.

Lucky him, it hasn't been a real hot summer. There were a couple days there it hit 90 degrees, but for the most part it's been real pleasant. Which has allowed the Q to find some new favorite places in the apartment.

Early in the summer, he spent a lot of time under the ottoman on the front porch.

What are you doing laying on the floor?!

Oh, it's picture time. I see. Let me pose for you. I call this one...'Pensive Quigley.'

But as the weather as stayed cool, when it should be getting unbearably hot for those covered in fur, he's started to explore other resting spots. For example, he looks so damn cute in the captain's chair:

I'm trying to sleep here, pal.

All this looking cute is hard work!

Although if it's too hot, he'll hide from the sunbeam underneath the chair.

We took the cat out onto the back porch a few weeks ago. Every time we're out there grilling and/or chilling, the Q looks out the window longingly. So I dug out the cat leash, hooked him up, and let him wander around the porch for a while. He seemed to enjoy it.

So much in fact, that he now wants to help with errands, like the grocery store:

As you can see, Quigley's summer is going just fine.

Happy Birthday J!

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