Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ohio Bobcat for a Day

Last Saturday MPF became an honorary Ohio Bobcat. There are three things you need to do to earn this honor and he passed the test with flying colors.

Criteria #1: Drink Beer With a Bobcat:
MPF first accomplished this feat many moons ago when he started dating me. On Saturday, however, he earned extra bonus points for drinking beer before noon (9:00 AM to be precise) with 200 other Bobcats at the Bobcat Bash.

MPF and Ohio University President Roderick J. McDavis at the Bobcat Bash

Criteria #2: Wear Bobcat Paraphernalia to a Bobcat Event:
This was a close one on Saturday because MPF does not own any Bobcat paraphernalia. He does however own things that are green which, in this case, worked. Again, extra bonus points go to MPF for sticking the Attack Cat logo on his Jameson Irish Whisky t-shirt during the tailgate. Two people actually stopped him to ask where they could order their own Bobcat Jameson shirt!

The Bobcat Bash was an official University event... with beer!

Criteria #3: Learn the Ohio Cheer:
Ok so this one isn't hard except when you've been drinking for two hours with other Bobcats prior to an event (in our case, it doesn't need to be a sporting event... Bobcats like to party). MPF is, however, a words master so the Ohio cheer was not a problem. In fact, MPF showed so much Bobcat spirit he even made friends with our mascot Rufus.

As for what happened after the party, well every Bobcat knows football isn't the reason you go to Ohio University. As I explained to MPF on Saturday though, we may be bad at football but we are incredibly loyal... so a big Hi-O to the Bobcat fans who suffered through our fourth loss of the season. And an even bigger Hi-O to the Bobcat fans who showed up at 9:00 AM to tap the keg.

You know what they say, you can take the Bobcat out of Athens but you can't take Athens out of the Bobcat.


83F said...

MPF: your t-shirt and ginger ale is a very tasty beverage!

dfeinstein said...

Pathetic... Syracuse, Iowa, ND... pick a school and be a fan. No bandwagon jumping. (please note, Drake was not listed)