Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Week 3 Review

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Week 3 Review

Notre Dame vs. Michigan. What I was expecting was this ...

... with the fans in the role of the third kitten. And what we got instead (in addition to drenched by the thunderstorm) was this:

I'm not sure what I can add to what's already been said about this game. Yes Michigan sucked. That does not diminish ND's accomplishment of getting up 21-0 in the first quarter and not letting them within two scores all game. A sucky team (like last year's) would have sucked to the suckiness of their foe. Instead, the Irish defense harrassed Michigan into committing turnovers, then converted those turnovers into touchdowns. We're not perfect, but it was exactly what this young, talented, tentative team needed: proof they can win.

No excuses will be accepted, Mr. Steve Brown:

"We don't have our heads down because we know who the better team was," defensive back Steve Brown said, referring to Michigan. "They beat us today. It happens, but in our hearts we know we're the better team."

To you, sir, I say: scoreboard, bitches.

Pick Six update:

Quigley really took it on his furry chin last week, with road losses by Ohio State and Kansas. Those two alone cost him 14 points. Clemson got back into the rankings at No. 23 off a beating of NC State and voters forgetting about the Alabama game. I took a hit with Ohio State and California, who inexplicably got thumped by a Maryland team that lost to a I-AA school. (TM may have something to say about this game in the comments.) Jahvid Best summarizes his team's performance thusly*:

Meanwhile, TM ticked up due to great performances including Texas (postponed), Florida (bye) and Wake Forest (bye). Remind me, why do I play this game?!?

The scores:

Nationally, here's who impressed me:

Penn State. Maybe Anthony Morelli really was that bad. Maybe the opponents are so weak, these victories don't mean anything. But so far Penn State looks insanely good on offense. They'll be 4-0 and rolling when they host Illinois in Week 5.

Kansas. I thought they were a one-year fluke, a basketball school. Although they lost to my Pick Six'er South Florida, Reesing and the offense looked like they could hang with anyone. Unfortunately for the Not Those Jayhawks, this year "anyone" is on the schedule twice in the form of Mizzou and Boomer Sooner.

Southern California. Damn. As in, "day-um" type damn.

Who did not impress me:

Rutgers. Maybe Fresno State and North Carolina really are good, but a combined 19-68 score in two games? Without Ray Rice and Brian Leonard, they appear to be One Hit Oh-Nee-ders.

The Beanie-less Buckeyes. C'mon guys. That was pathetic. Plus you cost me eight Pick Six points.

The SEC. Thaaat's right, Southerners. Take a look at that Auburn-Mississippi State score: 3-2. ONE field goal and ONE safety. This just proves the Big 10 is TWICE as good as the Southeastern.

And now, your Nebraska content. Nebraska defeated New Mexico State 38-7, their third straight anonymous opponent. It wasn't on TV here, possibly anywhere. They rest up this week for Virginia Tech, who used to be good but is having quarterback (and special teams) problems this year.

Week 4 Preview coming up soon.

* Yes I know there are two puking videos. Trust me, it's a coincidence, not a pattern.


Kelly said...

Give me some credit--I read everything, not just the Husker content. It's just that I only CARE about the Husker content.

But I'm happy for you and your Fighting Irish and love the Brown quote. "We lost because we know we are so much better than they are." Brilliant logic there. Not dissimilar from US foreign policy, actually.

Anonymous said...

you're not the only Husker reader. At least, I think you aren't. I appreciate that you read everything!