Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Tournament: I Are the Champions

No, no, that's alright. Please sir, do not cue up the Queen.

What's that? Etta James? Yes, that sounds just fine, thank you.

(Play the video, ignore the pictures and sing along)

At last, my picks have come along
My losing days are over
And life is like a swish

Oh yeah, at last
The winner I can now see
The shade of blue was powder
The night I picked UNC

I found a team that I could root for
A bracket that I can call my own
I found a thrill that comes with winning
A thrill that I have never known (since 1991)

Oh, yeah when you win, you win
Oh, and then the die was cast
And here we are in first place
For I did win
At last

Ahhh, thanks Etta. I did indeed win this year's pool ... at least the two smaller pools I entered, one of which scored me thirty bucks. I was a little harsh on my bracket in the early days, but the final rounds pulled me through: 12 of 16, 5 of 8, 3 of 4, 1 of 2, and the correct champion, UNC.

Some pictures I don't get sick of ... this appears to be one of them.

I set a personal record in the JQMCBP, with 107 points. That tops my total in 2006 and 2008 combined. My 43rd place finish (out of 680+ entries) is also a new PR in four years of JQMCBP competition.

I also made a side wager with my co-author, the loot being a six-pack of beer of the winner's choosing. After careful thought, I have selected my victory brew:

Why North Coast Blue Star? Well, I tried to find a beer from North Carolina, but that state's microbrews don't really have northern distribution; I settled on one with the initials "N.C." Carolina wears powder blue; this beer is named "blue." And the Tar Heels are the "stars" of the college basketball world. Plus, I like wheat beers and it looks tasty.

I confirmed this morning that this beer is not totally obscure; it is available here on the North Side at two different retailers, one being less than a mile from home.

Thirty bucks and a six-pack of beer? I'll take it. Thanks to Carolina for making this the best tournament since 1991.

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Mary and Andy said...

Nice work, we have found your calling, picking the winners obviously qualifies you to be Commander and Chief! Hello Mr. President.

Kelly said...

Well done. I was close, but you bested me. And by close, I mean not at all anywhere near the same ballpark. But watch out. Next year's my year. I can feel it.