Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Quigley Has Spoken

Last week Quigley selected his pick six teams using the highly scientific method of chasing crumpled up post-it notes in the dining room.

I was lucky enough to witness this timeless cat tradition (which is generally not to be seen by the human eye). Luckily, I had my camera ready and managed to capture his picks as they happened.

The Q checks out his options in each quintile.

I hereby present to you, Quigley's 2009 Pick Six:

Pick #1:

Pick #2:

Pick #3:

Pick #4:

Pick #5:

For his "pick 6" team Quigley went with a non-cat school. He did briefly consider the Ohio Bobcats but thought better of it. (Smart cat, that Quiqley. Ohio's week one loss to those stinking Huskies is sure to be a momentum killer).

In the end, Quigley went with Rrrrrrutgers. There is no explanation for this other than he likes to meow "Rrrrrrutgers!" at the top of his lungs during the middle of the night (at least that's what I think he's saying...)

Anyway, the Q's pick of Rrrrrrutgers might not look so smart after their unfortunate loss to the Bearcats on Saturday. But then again you never can tell how the season will turn out. Quigley did beat this guy last year...


kelly said...

Your cat is a genius.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with kelly