Saturday, December 19, 2009

2009 Bowls in Charts

Reading is hard. It takes time and concentration for your eyes and brain to process all those words into the information you want. Meanwhile, we have at our disposal charts and graphs: colorful pictures that tell you everything you need to know quickly, without all that thinking.

For those unwilling/uninterested to slog though the post where I covered every game of the bowl season, here it is in chart form: (click on chart to make big)

And with all our travel in the next three weeks, I bet you were wondering where exactly we'll be watching these games. The answer in chart form:

And now that the games have started, here my picks, along with the confidence points I assigned in the pick 'em games I'm playing:

Rutgers 9
Fresno State 8
So. Miss 4
Oregon State 7
Utah 12
Nevada 21
Southern Cal. 34
Pittsburgh 15
Ohio 27
Clemson 20
Georgia 19
Miami 10
Nebraska 17
Missouri 18
Idaho 24
Virginia Tech 32
Minnesota 22
Stanford 13
Air Force 3
Florida 33
Ohio State 5
West Virginia 23
Penn State 2
Northwestern 1
Texas Tech 31
Arkansas 29
Mississippi 28
South Carolina 26
Northern Illinois 14
TCU 11
Iowa 30
Troy 25
Texas 6

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nadja78 said...

Good pick on the Cornhuskers. And on Iowa. Next year should be interesting on both fronts!