Monday, July 25, 2011

The Thinnest SEC Preview on the Internet

Here at we prefer our college football with a Northern bent, with heavy coverage of the Big Ten, MAC and Notre Dame.

But let's face it, the football world starts with the SEC, home of the last five national champions (some of them even legal). And since you'll need to make your Pick Six selections pretty soon, and SEC Media Days wrapped up last week, you'll need to get up to speed.

There are tons of sites out there that cover the SEC in great detail, but since you're a reader, here's the bare minimum you need to know about each team before the Pick Six starts:

Alabama: Strong defense, popular pick to be in the national championship game. Tornadoes ripped through Alabama in April, killing dozens in Tuscaloosa alone and at least 243 in the state, so they are a sentimental pick, if you can get past their head coach.

Auburn: The key pieces of the tainted championship are gone. Don't pick them on pure principle of them being cheaters*.

Tennessee: Derek Dooley is in his second year. He once compared his team to Nazis (ok, technically, the Germans in WWII). Tyler Bray might be the best QB you've never heard of. Knoxville is awesome.

This is UT Coach Lane Kiffin's Twitter background. I grabbed it after he left but before the school could take it down.

LSU: Looking damn strong. Jordan Jefferson might actually be a good quarterback finally. Their head coach is nuts.

Florida: They have a new head coach whose nickname is "Boom Motherfucker." Their OC is former Kansas City Chiefs OC Charlie Weis. What they don't have is much offensive talent.

Georgia: I've been picking the Bulldogs off and on for years. They keep disappointing me. Mark Richt needs to win sooner or later. Stud RB freshman Isaiah Crowell brought a bulldog puppy to his signing day press conference, and that's pretty cool.

This kid could be Herschel Walker or he could be Maurice Clarett. But even *I* like this.

South Carolina: Steve Spurrier was cocky (pun kinda intended) at media days, and when Spurrier is lippy, that means he thinks he's got a winner. Keep this in mind.

Ole Miss: In the offseason they changed their mascot from the classically cool Colonel Reb to a bear wearing preppy clothes. Their head coach is insane.

Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Arkansas: Ryan Mallett is finally gone. They couldn't win the conference with him, why would they win it without him?

Mississippi State: I'll give them credit for this: when Cam Newton's dad said he wanted $200,000 for his son to play there, MSU told him no thanks. Won't make a difference on the field, but I do appreciate the burst of honesty in a dirty conference.

Kentucky: Basketball school. I think they field a football squad, not sure though.

Vanderbilt: Smart school playing against the 11 above. Pick only if you went there and at your own peril.

Good luck with your research, y'all!

* Improper grammar is at the sole discretion of the proprietor and in this case is not making fun of how Southerners talk, just being lazy.

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