Monday, August 22, 2011

The Second Annual Pick Six Game

My eyes are watching the Bears preseason game tonight, but my head and heart are 10 days in the future when the college football season kicks off. And two days in the past, because the Associated Press on Saturday released their first poll of the year. And the AP Top 25 means it's time for Pick Six!

For an audio-visual representation of my excitement level, click right here. (Turn it up loud. It opens in a new window so you can keep reading here.)

Last year I organized the Pick Six game, modeled on the original by Notre Dame blog The Blue-Gray Sky. It was such fun we're doing it again, and we want you to play.

The rules: so simple. Here's the preseason Top 25:

A: Oklahoma, Alabama, Oregon, LSU, Boise
B: Florida State, Stanford, Texas A&M, Oklahoma State, Nebraska
C: Wisconsin, South Carolina, Virginia Tech, TCU, Arkansas
D: Notre Dame, Michigan State, Ohio State, Georgia, Mississippi State
E: Missouri, Florida, Auburn, West Virginia, Southern Cal

Pick one team from each grouping. Then pick one unranked team. That's your six. The goal is to have the highest ranked teams at the end of the season. The No. 1 team gets 25 points, No. 2 gets 24, down to No. 25 gets one point. The standings will be posted online so you can follow along. (I will update the standings each week, but only the final poll matters.)

How easy is it? Last year a cat won. That's part of the joy (and frustration) of the game. Not only are your cats, dogs and children invited to play, they have a good chance of winning! So get your newspaper...

...or your magazine...

...or just run to a bowl of food symbolizing one of the five teams in a grouping.

One request: let us know how your non-adult participant made his/her/its picks. Based on last year, it will be tremendously fun to read.

Send your picks and your pickset name (if you do not choose a name, a name will be appointed to you by me...keep that in mind) to at gmail dot com (to ensure your picks aren't seen early). The deadline is Thursday, September 1, at 4:55 pm Central (five minutes before the first game).

The Prize: last year I acquired a prize in keeping with Blue-Gray Sky's theme of football-themed kitsch. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of it, and the cat won it anyway. So this year, if we can meet or exceed last year's number of entries, I will award this official, government-issued and previously driven State of Tennessee license plate.

Here is last year's winner with the prize he has no use for:

Think you can beat that cat? Get your picks in, and good luck!

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