Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Big News, Told With Movie Posters



That's right! So in less than

(less than


and we



Your two biggest questions: the

is late February. Now,

is a

and the kid COULD be born on Feb. 29.

you ask? Well to me: an 80-year-old who can't legally drink alcohol.

And... boy or girl? Well, we are

so we're not finding out and going to


Thanks to everyone for all your wishes and prayers!


Jordan said...

Congratulations! Will this mean fewer cat pics to make room for photos of baby TMMPF?

Josh said...

This movie-poster device quickly went from worrisome to cloying to "OK, that was pretty good -- I commend you."

Congratulations, you guys! We're really thrilled for you.

Kelly said...


Griffin said...

Eh, eee, la!

mpf004 said...

Thanks all!

To Jordan's question: we already had to change the blog title from "news, views and occasional pictures of our cat" when we added a second cat. I'm thinking both cats take a backseat once the little one arrives.

But, cat picture fans: don't worry, we'll keep cuteness in high rotation, be it in baby or feline form.

sodeh said...

I am very, very happy for you both but I will have to protest if the cat pictures go away.


Donald said...

Holy #&$@! I missed this announcement! Congrats! We definitely need a lunch!