Monday, October 07, 2013

P62013: Week 6 Gets Back From Dallas

Hi everyone. Apologies for the late start on this week's recap. The Pick Six went off-site this weekend for the Shamrock Series game in Dallas. If you're not aware, every year Notre Dame plays a "home game" at a neutral site. ND gets the home uniforms, home sideline and NBC broadcasts the game. But being offsite allows ND's spread-out fans to see the team a little closer to home (and also allows recruits in talent-rich areas to get a better look at the program).

So, more to come on the game, if/when I get my thoughts together. I don't have much to say about this week's games (since I didn't see much) or the poll. The Top 5 stays the same.

Personally, I was happy to have a week where all my Pick Sixers won. UCLA and Texas survived road scares Thursday night. Miami beat Georgia Tech, Oregon rolled as usual, Nebraska thumped Illinois and South Carolina outlasted Kentucky, without star defender Jadeveon Clowney.

Adios: Arizona State, Ole Miss and Maryland all lost and disappeared. Not a ton of Pick Six points at risk there.

Hello: They are replaced by Northern Illinois (it's about time, frankly), Virginia Tech and ... Mizzou! Congrats to sadandbritish for your alma mater's appearance. I see you play at Georgia this Saturday. Enjoy your one-week stay in the Top 25.

Best week: The biggest mover was Northern, up three. The highest ranked teams to lose (Washington and Northwestern) lost to Top Five teams, so there wasn't much of a shakeup. A couple people had a +4 week ... "Detroit Tigers" and, aw crap, really? "Dirty Diapers"?

Enough jibber jabber, who's winning? Copy-paste from last week:

"Dirty Diapers" widens his lead to five points. "No F'n Clue" stays in second. The best candidate not in that household is "The Cough-Inn" in third. Top dog: "SuperPups" in 4th. Top child: "Lightning McQueen" tied for 12th. Top kitty: Franklin "The F-Bomb" tied (with me) for 23rd. If you're looking for something to break that logjam at the top ... Oklahoma doesn't play Baylor until the first week of November.

The links:

P62013 Scoreboard
Points for each team
AP Top 25 Poll

Next week: Both Iowa and Notre Dame have a bye, so the TV will be quiet at TMMPF HQ. Texas-Oklahoma is always fun to watch ... maybe less so with Texas being so down this year. Florida at LSU is a good Group B vs. Group C matchup. Oregon travels to Washington. How tired will the Huskies be playing the conference's best two teams back to back?

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