Sunday, October 27, 2013

P62013: Week 9 Isn't Complaining

Games watched: Tues, some Louisiana Lafeyette-Western Ky (yes I know I need help); Fri, some Boise-BYU. Sat: Wake-Miami (end); Iowa-just Northwestern (2nd half); Nebby-Minny (2nd TV); Duke-Va. Tech (end); Michigan State-Illinois (end); ND-Air Force (parts); South Carolina-Missouri (most); UCLA-Oregon; Stanford-Oregon St (til asleep).

Let's start with this: the week started with attending a funeral in my hometown on Monday. The week ended with: Iowa won, Notre Dame won, Ohio won. Hell, even Drake won. Iowa State lost and Michigan didn't win (they had a bye). I can't complain.

Looking at the AP Poll: Co-host "QBKatt" points out that this week's poll has four Tigers in a row: #8 Auburn, #9 Clemson, #10 Missouri, #11 Lousiana State. That is awesome. Newcomers: Michigan State, who lost to Notre Dame, and Arizona State, who lost to Notre Dame. NOT in the Top 25: Notre Dame. Who by the way beat Sparty and Sparky. Also not in the Top 25: Nebraska, who inexplicably lost to an awful Minnesota team that might be the worst bowl eligble team right now, and Virginia Tech, who lost to Duke at home. If Pat Haden were VT's AD, he would probably drive Frank Beamer to an airport, just to fire him there.

Undefeated watch: Here's what happened to last week's list of 10:
ACC: Florida State and Miami. They play this Saturday night in the featured ABC game.
Big Ten: Ohio State.
Big XII: Texas Tech (lost to Oklahoma) and Baylor.
Mountain West: Fresno State.
Mid-American: Northern Illinois.
SEC: Missouri (lost at home to South Carolina) and Alabama.
Pac 12: Oregon.

So we are down to eight total, and seven conferences that can still produce an undefeated team.

Ups and downs: South Carolina had the best week, knocking off a previously undefeated Missouri squad in Columbia. Yeah no kidding! It frustrated me all week when I heard radio announcers say "Missouri plays South Carolina in Columbia." They are BOTH in Columbia! We wouldn't have this problem if Missouri would have just stayed in the Big XII where they belong. Anyway, the game was at Mizzou, and Sakerlina moved a little closer to where they were two weeks ago before losing to Tennessee.

Worst week was Va Tech (losing to Duke will do that to you, even if Duke is better these days), -10 and out, and UCLA -5, for getting blown out by Oregon just like everyone else this year. Mizzou also down -5.

Best week: It helped to have South Carolina, and perhaps one of those schools that lost to Notre Dame. So congrats to "Liars, Gastropods, Normads, D-bags, Enablers, and Jimbo Fisher" for a +11 week, moving into sixth place.

Enough jibber jabber, who's winning? Ninth verse, same as the first:

"Dirty Diapers" maintains that strangehold on the lead. Wife "No F'n Clue" still in second. "QBKatt" retakes the household lead with 67 points, but I'm lurking at 64 points. I really need Miami to beat FSU on Saturday, but that's a tall order. The Clemson-South Carolina game is lurking on the horizon too.

Top child: "Lightning McQueen" in 7th place (tied). Top kitty: Tigger, in 10th. Top dog: "Quarter Dog" in 15th.

Los linques:

P62013 Scoreboard
Points for each team
AP Top 25 Poll

Next week: Big game is Florida State vs. Miami in a top ten matchup. Okie State plays Texas Tech. Florida and Georgia are unranked, facing off in the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. Closer to home, it's the battle of the mitten when Mitten faces Mitten State. I think a great T-shrt for this rivalry would say "The Gloves Are Off (And The Mittens Are On)."

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