Sunday, December 08, 2013

P62013: The Regular Season Is in the Books

Games watched: Louisville-Cincy (Thurs); Mid-American championship (Friday); Oklahoma-Oklahoma State; Texas-Baylor; Southeastern championship; Pacific 12 championship (2nd TV); Big Ten championship; Atlantic Coast championship (2nd TV); Mountain West championship (a little, then fell asleep). 

Well, the regular season is over. A pretty good batch of games yesterday, including Sparty's surpising win over Ohio State to knock them out of the national championship game. So now, thanks to Sparty, we get the SEC in the championship, again. Way to go, guys.

The bowls are now set. Iowa is going to the Outback to play Louisana State. Notre Dame goes to the Pinstripe Bowl vs. RRRRutgers. Ohio heads to St. Petersberg for the Beef O'Brady's Bowl vs. East Carolina.

In the poll: In: Notre Dame. Out: Texas. Pretty quiet.

Biggest mover:  Mizzou fan Tippy had two big winners in Michigan State and Oklahoma, plus Notre Dame and Alabama who ticked up thanks to other teams losing. Tippy was up 15 points and more than 20 spots in the standings (to a tie for 17th).

Enough jibber jabber, who's winning?

The joke, if you don't know it, is right here. But the joke is on us, because a guy who doesn't like or pay attention to college football has taken the lead heading into bowl season. "Nope. I'm a Frayed Knot" had a great week, going plus 14 and moving into the top slot, two points ahead of "No F'n Clue." He has perfect picks in Groups A through E.

This Saturday, there is only one game in Division I-A. It is Army-Navy, and you should watch it and feel glad you live in America.

Reminder, the Pick Six game goes through the bowl season, to the final AP poll after all bowls are over. We'll be back with a bowl preview before the games start.

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