Monday, January 27, 2014

P62013: The Winner

The national championship game was three weeks ago tonight. The poll came out, I updated the standings ... and forgot to write the final post of the Pick Six game.

Well tonight I can finally announce what you might have already known if you checked out the link above. And if you're asking yourself, did I win?

Nope, I'm a Frayed Knot.

Because "Nope, I'm a Frayed Knot." dominated the 2013 game, finishing with 119 points. He was 10 points ahead of "No F'n Clue," the only other player above 100 points.

The standings are color-coded: green means the team won the bowl game, red means lost, black means didn't make a bowl.

Thanks again to everyone who played. I hope you had fun. Frayed Knot, your prize will be in the mail shortly.

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