Tuesday, January 29, 2008

College Rock Band From Georgia Schedules Chicago Show

News item: R.E.M., a shimmery alt-rock quartet trio from Athens, Geo., has announced a summer tour that includes a stop in fair Chicago. The band recently released Reckoning, the followup to their well-received major label debut Murmur.

For TM, here is video of the band, sans drummer Bill Berry, playing with Muppets. At least Stipe and Mills look like they're trying. Peter Buck looks perpetually annoyed, like MPF does whenever a child or a dog approaches: "Get the hell away from me, leave me alone, I'm just trying to play this damn banjo without your interference." * And the Kate Pierson muppet looks like she's alternately having an epileptic seizure or trying to toss off her bouffant wig.

PS: Thanks to Chicagoist for pointing this out by originally posting the video.

PPS: Wimmer, a U2 fan, says the new album is great. So that's high praise.

* MPF generally doesn't say this last part to children and dogs. I did notice on second viewing that Buck does smile occasionally, but I still don't think he means it.

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