Sunday, March 30, 2008

Rock Chalk Jayhawk

No... not that Jayhawk.

This one.

MPF will write a full review of Gary Louris at Metro soon.

To tide you over, I offer TM's Top-5 Highlights of Friday night's show:

#5: TM discovers Sam Adams White Ale (it's almost as good as Blue Moon)

#4: Opener Vetiver sets the tone for a fun, relaxed evening (MPF & TM purchase Vetiver album on way out of the show)

#3: Gary dusts off some old Jayhawk favorites including Save it for a Rainy Day and Blue (one of the best songs ever written)

#2: Gary rocks out with his new solo stuff (MPF & TM purchase Vagabonds on the way out of the show)

#1: Gary performs All the Right Reasons (a.k.a the song TM & MPF danced to at their wedding) as part of the encore. TM gets teary eyed.

And what are TM & MPF up to next week? Kathleen Edwards at Metro.

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