Friday, April 04, 2008

Update: Bracket Pickin' Kitty

Just a quick update on the March Madness tournament: I outsmarted the cat 4-3 in the round of Sweet 16. But what about the Elite Eight and the upcoming Final Four?

UNC vs. Louisville: Birds against whatever the hell a Tar Heel is. Quigley, in solidarity against all birds, picked against the Cardinals. I stuck with my national champs. UNC won. MPF 1, Quigley 0.

Kansas vs. Davidson: Birds vs. cats; or in this case, cats with Stephen Curry. I had Wisconsin (oops). A no-brainer pick for Quigley, but the Jayhawks advanced. MPF 1, Quigley 0.

Memphis vs. Texas: Cats vs. extra-mean cows. I had the Longhorns (over Pitt...oops); Q stuck with the felines, and he was right. MPF 1, Quigley 1.

UCLA vs. Xavier: Big furry bears vs. snively-looking mustache guys. Q and I both took UCLA. MPF 2, Quigley 2.

So it was a tie. I would have picked Kansas over Davidson, but I'm forcing myself to stick to the original picks. Some people would call this a Bracket of Integrity.

There are two games tomorrow: UNC vs. Kansas and Memphis vs. UCLA. I have UNC winning it all, and I had Texas over UCLA (oops) in the second game. Quigley goes anti-bird in the first game and pro-cat in the second game. I assume (although he hasn't specifically told me) that his preferred order of champion is:

  1. Memphis (kitty)
  2. UCLA (big furry bear, somewhat similar to a cat)
  3. UNC (don't know what the hell it is but it ain't a bird)
  4. Kansas (bird)
However, I'll be rooting against Memphis, because if they lose (and UNC wins) then I will emerge victorious in a side wager with this blog's co-author, giving me the greatest wager loot possible.

Enjoy the games! See you at the Kathleen Edwards show tomorrow night.

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