Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lions, Tigers & Bearcats Oh(io) My!

It has been a crazy few weeks here at TMMPF.

First, we attempted to introduce a new kitty into our home (Quigley wanted to blog about the experience but I advised against it... I'm not sure you want to hear from him when he's angry). Second, we had back-to-back visitors to keep us busy. Third, the Cubs started losing which sent everyone in Chicago into a general panic (even though we know better) and caused massive upheaval in the time space continuum.

Quigley is master of the house.

Oh, and football started.

Speaking of football, Quigley is finally ready to reveal his pick six teams.

Ohio State: Oh boy was kitty worried last weekend. He thought OSU was the one pick that he could count on. Good thing his Buckeyes squeaked past the pesky Ohio Bobcats by a whisker. Quigley's pick of the Bucks came on a recommendation from his cousin Cosworth in Ohio.

Does this look like a cat you can trust? Quigley thought so.

Clemson: Well, Quigley admits this was not his smartest pick. His first inclination was to pick Missouri (they do, after all, have a quarterback named Chase). In the end, however, he went with Clemson just to be different. Unfortunately he picked the wrong Tigers. If he had a mil kring for every time that happened...

Kansas: An intriguing pick by kitty... and quite honestly, a classic case of mistaken identity. As you may recall, Quigley first took a stab at picking college sports during the 2008 NCAA Basketball Tournament. A major lesson from that experience was that bird teams are bad (if you are a cat, that is).

So why did Quigley pick the Jayhawks in the pick six? Well, apparently when he heard that the Jayhawks were getting back together and figured that nothing can beat this team... of course he failed to realize that the Kansas Jayhawks and the Minnesota Jayhawks are two different things. (Geography was never kitty's strong point.)

Quigley is a big fan of the sun... and of this band..

As it turns out, Quigley's choice of a bird school isn't all that bad. The Kansas Jayhawks Runningback? Angus Quigley.

Penn State: Lions. 'Nuf said.

Illinois: Because he is only 4 years old, Quigley cannot vote in November's election. He is, however, an staunch supporter of Obama and therefore considers his pick of the Fighting Illini as a shout out the Jr. Senator from Illinois.

Cincinnati: When Quigley took a look at his picks he noticed that he had Lions and Tigers but no Bears. He briefly considered the Cal Golden Bears but decided that if we going to pick someone golden it would be Golden Tate.

Only time will tell if Quigley's picks can keep up with TM and MPF.

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mpf004 said...

Great essay! very funny writing, smart kitty (except for Clemson of course).