Saturday, October 11, 2008

East Coast Bloggin'

Greetings from the Kiawah Island Golf Resort off the coast of South Carolina.

That's right, spanning both coasts in a single week, TMMPF has no boundaries!This morning I got up bright and early to take a tiny little plane to the tiny little airport in Charleston, South Carolina. I then rented a car and drove another 45 minutes to Kiawah Island where I will attend a 1-hour breakfast meeting before flying home.

Not that I'm complaining. I mean I am in a villa all my own... and the ocean is somewhere nearby... but it's been raining ever since I got hear (alternating between raining while cloudy and raining while sunny) and to be honest it is kind of isolated here in the villa. But other than that I'm not complaining.

Tomorrow I have to get up bright and early for my meeting and then I am bound and determined to see the ocean (maybe even dip my toes in) before I head back to the airport.

For now, however, I will stick to watching football (and baseball)and vegging out in my pj's in my huge villa.

Note to self: the next time you are sent to a fancy resort on an island on business remember to bring your husband!!

1 comment:

mpf004 said...

Hah! East Coast Bloggin'! That's clevah.

This post makes me think of two song lyrics:

"Holiday in Cambodia" by the Dead Kennedys: "It's a holiday in Cambodia, don't forget to pack a wife"


"Big Time" by Neil Young: "Gonna take it state by state / Til I hit the golden gate / Get my feet wet in the ocean."
(Yeah I know it's the other ocean but I always thought he says dip my toes in the ocean like your post. that's what you learn when you look up the actual lyrics I guess.