Friday, October 10, 2008

Week 6 Review/Week 7 Preview: the 56K Version

Remember how in the earlier days of the Inter Webs there was often a choice on the home page: Full Version for broadband, and Low-Fi Version for dial-up? Well, consider this the dial-up version of the review/preview.

Week 6 Review:
I watched a lot of football, I'm sure of it. But I don't remember much, other than ND looking pretty good for three quarters and Iowa pissing me off yet again. Here are the notes I jotted after the game:

KF thoughts:
On 4th and 2, on the 22 (or so) yard line, 4th quarter, you should kick the field goal. It's only 39 yards from there, not impossible for a collegiate kicker in normal conditions. With a young, inaccurate QB, who watched the Jimmy Clausen 2007 tapes on How To Be a Horrendous Rookie Quarterback, you need to take the points.

Oh, but then we got a second chance a few minutes later...4th and 1 on the 21 yard line, two minutes to go. Almost exact same situation. Here it's a little more acceptable to go for it...your back is to the wall. But then the sideline and the offense couldn't get on the same page, so Iowa TAKES A TIMEOUT...essentially icing themselves. Now the "D" has a chance to take a breath, decide their alignment and confirm what everyone knows...we're gonna run it with Greene. Which of course we did...and forgot to block the linebacker, who had a straight shot to tackle Greene and end the game.

Ohio: lost.

Nebraska: lost badly, so no Herbie for you. Next week: more YouTubing from nutty Mike Leach. Arrrrr!

Pick 6: She's still leading.

Games watched, all or part: Interactive Tuesday!! featuring crappy Sun Belt teams, Cincy/Marshall I think, Iowa/Mich St., Kentucky/Bama, Vandy/Auburn, OSU/Wisc, PSU/Purdue, Michigan/IU (on replay on BTN at 4am Friday--seriously), Notre Dame/Stanford.

Week 7 Preview:

Newspapers around the country are running a misprint on the Iowa line...they've got the Hawks favored by five. Hah! We scored 13 points last week. We've lost three straight games by a total of nine points. Iowa, who did not go to a bowl last year, with a rookie QB, goes to Indiana, who did go to a bowl and has a senior QB. Of course, Indy scored a whopping seven points last week vs. Minny.

Can ND win on the road? We'll find out at North Carolina tomorrow.

Ohio U: plays Kent State. I can't pick Kent...they lost to Iowa State.

National scene: I'm looking forward to Texas/Oklahoma. And, how will Auburn do since they fired their offensive coordinator? (How do you run the Tony Franklin Offense after you shitcan Tony Franklin?)

Can Tift Merritt and Son Volt compete for my attention with these night games: LSU vs. Fla, Penn St vs. Wisconsin and Mizzou vs. "I'm a Man! I'm 40!"


TinaMarie said...

I'm on the edge on my seat trying to figure out what you are going to do tomorrow night. Me, I'll be in my luxery hotel room on an island in South Carolina watching football by myself... yay.

83F said...

I think Texas Tech is favored by 20 v. Nebraska. Long gone are the days when NE would routinely get those spreads in their favor.

mpf004 said...

yes, the line is 20.5 or 21, and it was a pretty easy to pick TT. Neb hasn't shown me they have the offense or defense to hang w/ TT.