Thursday, October 30, 2008

Week 9 Review/Week 10 Preview

Week 9 Review: I Hate Being Wrong

First off, a little humility.

I took some mild-mannered heat from my co-author for talking about my success in the last write-up. I blew that off, until I drove past Riverside Baptist Church before Saturday's games...

All glory and praise to the guy who runs this website.

...but I still figured I was unstoppable. And then, Saturday happened.

Look at all that red. Okay, duly noted: no more bragging til the season is over.

After all, I've been sucking in the Pick Six game pretty much all year, and Week 9 was no exception.

A lot of "L"s litter the Pick Six board. Quigley had four losses in five games, plus a bye. The worst hit was Ohio State (MPF and Quigley), who fell to Penn St. (Quig's only win) in an epic defensive battle, decided by a freshman's screwup. Don't worry kid, at least you didn't go to Michigan. Kansas (Quig again) got tripled up by Texas Tech. TMMPF's shared teams biffed--South Florida lost to Louisville and Wake lost to Real Miami.

Meanwhile, in non-Top 25 oblivion, Auburn (MPF) lost at W. Virginia on Thursday night, Illinois (Q for three) lost to Wisconsin (previously 0-3 in conference ... this gives me hope for next week) and Cincinnati (Quig IV) got crushed 40-16 by another basketball school, UConn.

Bottom line: I'm barely ahead of the cat.

Okay, let's see who else is sucking ...

Schadenfreude Dep't.: This season keeps getting funnier and funnier. 1000 Words:

Okay, the Irish. The Irish played Washington. The Huskies were about this scary.

ND dominated from beginning to not-quite-end, the middle of the fourth quarter, when Charlie put in the third string. We missed the second half to go up to Lincoln Square to see That Guy From The Jayhawks. We followed the game from a Tennessee bar called Bad Dog, but it appears we didn't miss much.

Oh, and this guy got his wish.

Iowa had a bye. BHGP summarizes it nicely.

And finally, in response to a commenter's question: Manchester Central 47, Manchester Memorial 0. I got that right, but I ain't bragging.

Week 10 Preview: Schizo Mania

Some guy posted pics of all the mascots of 2008 ND opponents, some of which I've used for this season's writeups. However, this was the best he could do for Pittsburgh:

Clearly, the mascot for the impossible-to-predict Panthers is this:

Pitt is 5-2, but those two losses are to Bowling Green, a middling MAC team, and Rutgers, who before Pitt had scored a max of 21 points against a D-IA team. Rutgers hung 54 points on the Wannstache. He has proven to be awful at game planning. Charlie eviserated him back in 2005, when TM and I were crammed into Blue Bayou on Southport with hundreds of Irish fans for a gamewatch. Yet at the same time, Pitt has beaten two teams that will probably go to a bowl (South Florida and Iowa) and that many fans expected a loss.

Speaking of schizo, I'm not sure you ever know what you're going to get from a Ron Zook-coached team. Maybe 2-10? Maybe the Rose Bowl? Maybe losing to an 0-3 Wisconsin team that Shonn Greene dominated? Maybe water-skiing?

You thought I was kidding, right?

After watching Iowa and Illinois play Wisconsin in back-to-back weeks, plus Iowa's performance against Illinois last year, I think we have a good chance for a win. Missouri laid out the blueprint for beating Illinois back in Week 1: force the erratic Juice to throw the ball. Get ahead early, shut down whatever semblance of a running game they feature that week, and make the Juice throw downfield. If the Hawks do that, it should be an enjoyable game.

Pick Six: Biggest game is the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, aka Florida (TM) vs. Georgia. C'mon Dawgs! Other matchups of note: Texas (TMMPF) at the Pirates of Lubbock, and a family matchup of South Florida (TMMPF) vs. Cincy (Quigley).

Nebraska: Herbie's back! Thanks for taking care of Iowa State. Of course, have you seen Iowa State lately? It ain't that hard. Even smoke stops the Cyclones.

This week the Huskers face a tough, tough Oklahoma team, who took the No. 1 team in the nation down to the wire. If we see Herbie next week on the blog, it will have been a major upset.

Phew! I'm ready for football. Enjoy the games!

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