Wednesday, October 08, 2008

West Coast Bloggin'

Hey everyone, greetings from California. I'm in Los Angeles for work, and I realized a couple nights ago that it's the first time I've been in LA since 1984.

I planned on writing a little more about the life and culture, but wouldn't ya know it, they've actually kept me pretty busy out here with work. So I'll have my thoughts on LA (hint: the stereotypes are true) and some pictures up soon, maybe the weekend.

Since this is my first business trip in a long time, there were certain individuals at home that protested my leaving:

I think I would have been OK kicking him out of the suitcase, but then:

This one really got me.

I also hope to have the football review/preview up soon, but it might not be til Thursday or Friday. I will say that when I went to a pub for dinner last night, I asked the hostess to seat me in the bar area, near a TV "where I can watch the football game." She looked stunned and confused. Football on a Tuesday? I guess she hadn't heard of Interactive Tuesday!!

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