Sunday, November 23, 2008

Vote on the Muppets!

Looks like my recent post about the Muppets has garnered a bit of conversation.

Allright, this is America, we live in a democracy, now you can have your say using the poll on the left.

Please vote for your favorite Muppet! Write-in votes for "none of the above" can go in the comments of this post. (I will be a little disappointed if Josh doesn't have a write-in vote of "ANY AND ALL OF THE MUPPETS ARE INFERIOR TO U2")

Talk show host Stephen Colbert has no idea why this poll is necessary. Isn't the answer obvious?


dfeinstein said...

1 vote Ralph the Dog. He was the first, and the only muppet to go silent after Jim passed away.

TinaMarie said...

Good vote! He's right up there for me too...

dfeinstein said...

Just realized, in that pose, it looks like Sam the Housker. I can just hear him Shh Shh Shhaing

mpf004 said...

I didn't get your comment, so I went back and looked at the pic for about two seconds.

Then I started cracking up.

Shhh Shhhh Shhh!!!

Kelly said...


Beauregard is the unsung hero of the Muppets. He can lift pianos, which is useful on a programme like The Muppet Show, and he delivers the greatest line in Muppet History: "What color are their hands now?"

Also, he makes Charles Grodin look handsome and smart. Which he is.