Sunday, November 23, 2008

Change We Take Relief In

2008* will go down as a historic year for the country, but especially here in Chicago. The winds of change blew, and our sports media are the better for it.

After all, this was the year that Jay Mariotti quit the Sun-Times. And late last week, the Tribune announced it had fired hack Mike Downey. Mariotti was known for having a big mouth but never going into the locker rooms to face the athletes he ripped on. Downey was brought in from corporate sibling the LA Times when Michael Holley quit a mere two months into his job as a Trib columnist.

All this on top of Mike North leaving WSCR? I mean, I don't listen to sports talk radio because of blowhards like North. But if I did listen to sports talk radio, I STILL wouldn't listen to North.

Chicago, home to the new president and no longer home to three awful sports journalists. Our "most livable city" score surely has shot up.

I don't like all-negative posts, so here's something super great about Chicago sports.

* -- The AP Stylebook says you can start a sentence with a number only if it is a year, although it's not recommended. Not that I care. But it's good to know which rules you're breaking.

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