Thursday, December 04, 2008

Week 14 Review/Week 15 Preview

I'm feeling kinda pensive tonight, so here's the review/preview in haiku format.

Week 14 Review: Turkey and Pigskin

Sooners beat Cowboys
But how in the fuck do they
jump over Longhorns?

ND looked awful.
Southern Cal dominated
from start to finish.

Hawkeyes benefit
From Oregon saying to
The Beavers: Duck you!

Many coaches canned:
Like Tubs, this guy, this guy and
the Croominator.

Oh! Hey, Nebraska?
Even though others tried it,
This was a bad call.

Week 15: The Beginning of the End

Not much Saturday....
of course, the classic closing
game: Army/Navy.

On tap Saturday; Charlie's
hosting (Gator fan).

Then we wait for bowls.
Hawks should get a New Year's Day;
The Irish: who knows?

This was a fun year,
better than last year, for sure.
Hope you liked the blog.


Kelly said...

This post is brilliant.

However, can I add in re Nebraska:

Fifty-seven yards
what a field goal, but also?
Ndamukong Suh!

mpf004 said...

Yes, a boy named "Suh!"
Congrats on the 8-4
You're on the right track.