Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Week 13 Review/Week 14 Preview

Week 13 Review: Mixed Emotions

OK, Notre Dame lost at home, on Senior Day, to one of worst teams in Division I. Let's talk about something else.

How about that dominating win by Iowa? Check out this collection of highlights. Two warnings: The music sucks. And: this may give you one of those four-hour erections the commercials warn about...even if you are female.

How about the worst season in Michigan history? Lloyd Carr's retirement opened the door for the Wolverines to bring in a home run hire of Rich Rodriguez from West Virginia. Twelve games later?

The most losses in school history. The end of a bowl streak that had been active as long as I've been alive (and remember, I'm gettin' old). This is noteworthy because Michigan had a lot further to fall than ND. Since Lou Holtz left, the Irish have muddled through a decade-plus of mediocrity, while Michigan continued to make bowl games year after year. The total collapse of the program, that smug Meech fans a year ago said could never happen to their vaunted school, has happened.

Pick Six: Another quiet week. Only losers were Illinois (Quig) and Wake (TMMPF). No impact on the rankings there. Overall a little movement, but emphasis on the little. Is this game over yet?

Just to end on a positive jam, here's one good thing about the Syracuse game. After the win, fired coach Greg "Gerg" Robinson was being interviewed by NBC's sideline reporter. The Alma Mater started and Gerg said, 'hey, that's their alma mater, I don't wanna talk over that,' and then turned to his players behind him to shush them. NBC cameras cut to the dazed, catatonic Irish players barely swaying to one of the many traditions that make Notre Dame football special. When the song ended, the cameras went back to Gerg on the field, and the interview continued.

He was a historically awful head football coach, but that was a historically class act.

Week 14 Preview: The Afterglow

Not much happening this week, other than following the Charlie Weis soap opera. (Today's installment is here.)

Oh yes, and our annual beatdown by these guys.

Elsewhere in that conference: Hawkeye fans have a reason to care about Oregon vs. Oregon State. If the Beavers win, they win the Pac 10 and the BCS slot. Then Southern Cal would get an at-large spot. If the Beavers lose, then USC wins the conference, and Ohio State would likely get an at-large berth. Then everyone in the Big Ten moves up a notch in the bowl pecking order, increasing the odds that the Hawks go to a January bowl in Florida. So, Go Ducks!

Pick Six: Nothing much this week, as many teams have finished their season. Florida has a chance to lose, playing at Florida State, but I ain't holding my breath. They have their eyes on the prize, and likely won't get tripped up. Auburn could deliver a big "Eff You" to Alabama by winning the Iron Bowl, but it wouldn't earn me any poll points. Frankly the most interesting game on the slate might be Ball State vs. Western Michigan. [ed: which Ball St. won in between this being written and posted.] I guess Georgia/Georgia Tech has the potential to be interesting? ... Kansas/Mizzou? ... Sigh. I guess that means Army/Navy, the annual sign of the end of the season, can't be far away.

Other than that, the season is pretty much over. This week, just enjoy the final burst of games, spread over the Thurs-Fri-Sat stretch. Me? I'll be in Ohio, eating turkey and working on my six-pack in the offseason.

Happy Thanksgiving, and happy last full(ish) week of college football.

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