Thursday, February 12, 2009

Things I'm Not Paying Attention To

Some people start a blog to inform the world what they ate for breakfast and what they think about crap like Mentos*. Some people start a blog to praise their favorite band or something else they care deeply about. Few blogs will discuss what's currently being ignored...

Things I'm not paying attention to, February 2009 edition.

The Oscars. Despite my recently documented passion for movies, I could care less about the Oscars. I like to restrict my Oscar paying-attention-to to decade-old Dennis Miller monologues. In a few weeks someone will win, someone will lose, and a few weeks after that no one will give a shit or even remember who won.

The economic stimulus package. Being out of work, it is possible that I should care. However, the size and scope of the plan has been changing constantly over the past couple weeks. I've been a fan of Obama since the last time I wasn't paying attention, but I just can't muster attention here. This is the federal government we're talking about. It will be months before they get to the projects funded by the stimulus, and it appears to be mostly infrastructure: building roads, bridges, schools. Admirable projects, but I don't want to build a bridge this fall, I want to get to work now.

PRESIDENT Obama. It's been a few weeks, and it is still pretty mindblowing to hear those words.

Who's coming to town (musically speaking). This is due to being low on money, and this is sad. I've already missed Kathleen Edwards, Rhett Miller and a road trip to Southgate House. I just can't pay attention to who else I'll miss.

The rules of the Grammys. How can a record released in 2007 win best album in 2009? I mean, I guess they have their rationale, but it's bullshit to me. If you're going to call it an award for 2008, make it for albums released in 2008.

Darwin's birthday. I guess he's 200 years old or something. Not sure why people care. Did he ever free the slaves? No. What's he famous for anyway? He wrote some book about fruit: Oranges and Peaches. Big deal. I've read the book of Genesis, and I didn't see his name once.

The Allman Brothers don't know from oranges, but they do have some advice for Mr. Darwin.

Oh, and a late-breaking thing to not pay attention to: Brett Farve, Favruh, whatever. Can this guy just quit, please, and mean it?


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Scott Mortimer said...

...and the Presidents of the United States of America like Peaches!