Sunday, February 15, 2009

Musta Got Lost

It is a strange quirk of the human brain that when the unknown is made known, the newly known appears common. I'm talking specifically about meeting someone new in a large but finite population, such as an employee at your office or parishoner at your church. You are introduced to a new person who works in a different department or on a different floor. Suddenly, you see this person all over: in the hallways, in the cafeteria, at the company-wide town hall meetings. Of course, you aren't really seeing this new person everywhere: it's just that you now recognize as a friend this formerly anonymous face.

It works the same way with songs. I noticed it during one of the great "name that tune" games in Dan Renaldo's office. It was me vs. Dan (as usual) with Zach and Stan also playing. Stan is about 10 years older than I am. Dan played a live song with a spoken intro. He seemed stunned that I didn't recognize it. Stan said, oh, this is J. Geils Band. The only J. Geils Band I knew was "Centerfold" . . . like I said, I was a little too young for them. Stan went on to identify the tune as Musta Got Lost, which I'd never heard before. Now, of course, I know the song and hear it "everywhere."

This post is about neither people nor songs, but I think it's a pretty cool title for the post, because it's about "Lost." This is a fascinating television series, now available in its entirety on the Internet. I enjoy it because it is a richly told complex tale of the survivors of a plane crash.

I'm sure that thousands of words and billions of pixels have been spilled over this show, since there are multiple subtexts and mysteries involved. But I wanted to talk about the themes of what brought these people to the flight (Sydney to Los Angeles) that crashed. I noticed that almost everyone was either on a mission, or was facing life and death issues. If it's been a while since you watched Season 1, or you have been preoccupied with moving to Madison or something, I've put together a chart. See below:

Why Were They On Oceanic 815?
CharacterReason for LA to SydneyReason for Sydney to LA
JackDEATH--retrieve the body of his father who died in AustraliaDEATH--bring the body back to the U.S.
KateLIFE--she was running for her life from authoritiesLIFE--the sentence she would receive?
LockeLIFE-CHANGING MISSION to do an Outback walkaboutWas he successful? Did he find his destiny?
HurleyMISSION to find the story behind the numbersWas he successful? I guess so??
Jin and Sun?? I have no idea. If they said why they were on that flight, I missed it.
Michael and WaltDEATH--Michael goes to get Walt in Australia after his mother died. LIFE--beginning a new life together in America.
SayidLIFE--must trick his friend to find the love of his life. LIFE and DEATH--the death of his friend, the chance at a new life.
BooneMISSION to retrieve Shannon from her abusive Australian boyfriendSuccessful? Yes.
ShannonUnknown so far--last I knew she was heading to New York.LIFE--I assuming she's getting a new lease on life with Boone.
Rosemouse over to see this Season 2 info. Successful? No.
SawyerDEATH--to kill Frank Duckett, the "real" Sawyer.Successful? Yes ... and no.
CharlieMISSION to convince his brother to restart Drive Shaft.Successful? No.
ClaireN/A--resident of Sydney.LIFE --to give the baby up for adoption.

If you're curious what all the talk is about, check it out at ABC's website. I will alert you that I kept getting error messages using the viewer in IE, and Firefox worked better for me.


Greg said...

Grr, stupid blogger, lost my comment.

Jin and Sun were going to LA to escape Sun's father. Not sure if that was revealed in Season 1 or later.

Although I was really into Lost the first three seasons, I am on the edge of giving up on it. If it wasn't for the fact that I got a new HD tuner and am a sucker for anything in HD, I probably would have given up on it already. Did you know that Fox started to air The Simpsons in HD? 16:9 aspect ration, true HD. Who knew cartoons could be high definition?

Well, the current plot crisis in Lost has made me lose interest in the show. Only the fact that we are so close to the end of the show (what less than 20 eps left) has given me any interest at all.

Lost, I'm putting you on notice. You've got three weeks to shape up or else I'm booting you off of my Tivo.

mpf004 said...

Congrats to Greg for:
1) perhaps the longest comment in blog history

2) accidentally spoiling a plot detail I didn't know.

I will let J talk you into staying with Lost. I've been told by multiple people that the show started to lose its way in Season 3, but has really cranked it up in 4/5. So keep the faith brothah, yah?

Anonymous said...


I don't know you, but don't give up. You've seen Lost through season 3... I really wasn't that the lowest of the low. I really believe season 5 will get uncrazy again soon (perhaps last night's episode is the beginning of the end of crazy?). You said it yourself... 20 episodes left. That's really only 14 hours and 40 minutes. Don't you want to see how the best mystery on TV will be resolved?

Greg said...

I'll try and watch the rest of Lost, but it may have received the final nail in the coffin. My poor DVR died Wed night, and Lost failed to record. Even though I can watch it online, if I cannot revive my DVR this weekend with a HD transplant, I'm done with Lost.