Monday, February 16, 2009

Things I'm Thinking About Today

The day is almost over, but I'll probably be thinking about these things tomorrow too:
  • Why isn't Memphis pronounced like Memp-Hiss (rhyme with hemp-hiss)? Doesn't that sound better?
  • If I wrote a non-fiction book, what would it be about?
  • Can I write something so witty and clever that Sarah Borges will leave a comment on the blog?
A ceiling tile from the Broken Singles' tour of Europe.

  • Why did the Others want Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sawyer? Is it because they are the four biggest characters? And why did they want Hurley specifically if they were just going to let him go?
  • How can you put on an exhibit about Edvard Munch and not have his most famous painting?
  • When Molly and I are the last two people not on Facebook, will we talk to each other while the rest of the world updates their Facebook status?
  • Is this the funniest one-second commercial in television history?


Scott Mortimer said...

Sans Facebook: Clam!

TinaMarie said...

Maybe give SBBS their own post promoting the new albumand music video... can't hurt :-)

Greg said...

Talk to the hand because the Facebook profile ain't happen. No? Ok, I never claimed to be cool.

I don't think the Norwegians let "The Scream" out of the museum anymore. With only four copies and two thefts, you'd probably be a little concerned as well.

As for Munch, go see him. Heck, I'm tempted to fly out there and see it myself. In college through 2007, I never like "The Scream." I just never felt it. The painting just never really connected with me. Then, I saw Munch's work in Oslo and it completely changed my mind.

Funny how it works. I see a print of "The Scream" and hate it; see the real painting and love it. See a print of "Starry Night" and love it; see the real painting and hate it. You never know until you see the actual piece of art.