Thursday, March 26, 2009

Return of the Bracket Pickin' Kitty

Good news! I got a little quality time with my furry friend, and we discussed this weekend's Sweet 16 games. So I'm pleased to announce the return of the Bracket Pickin' Kitty!

Oracle Kitty: "I'm back."

One note: in the interest of speed (and my own laziness), I'm not chasing down logos of the teams that didn't make the Sweet 16 last year, so I'll ad lib.

Let's get to it. Here are the Thursday and Friday matchups:


(12)ArizonaThis is the guy they got to replace Lute Olson as coach.

MPF analysis: Arizona was lucky to make it this far (and yes I did pick them to get to this round), but Louisville has too much talent. This looks to be a blowout.

Quigley: Cardinals are I'm going with the Wildcats.

(3)Kansas vs.
(2)Michigan State
MPF analysis: I am surprised by the young Kansas team, who has performed better than I thought. I expect a good battle from a veteran Spartan team with lots of inside strength.

Quigley: Birds vs. gigantic head man. No way I'm picking the birds...Spartans for me.


This guy is kinda....husky.



MPF analysis: Although Purdue won the Big Ten tournament, I don't think they've faced a team as tough and deep as UConn. Hasheem Thabeet is an absolute monster on defense.

Quigley: Huskies vs. Boilermakers. Dogs vs. another gigantic head man. What is with the big heads in the Big Ten? Well, anything is better than a dog: Purdue.

Wildcats, Tigers .... same cat family.


MPF analysis: Just like last year, Memphis cruised through a super-soft conference schedule and is trying to make a deep run in the tourney. Missouri is back in the Sweet 16 after the Quin Snyder years.

Quigley: Now this is my kind of matchup ... Tigers and more Tigers! The only downside is kitties will have to lose. (MPF note: Okay, this is seriously how we decided this one. I said, Quigley, do you want Missouri or Memphis? He looked up at me. I said, Missouri? He kept looking at me. I said, Memphis? He wandered away. So...) Mizzou Tigers.




MPF analysis: I don't know much about Xavier from the A-10, but Pittsburgh has a great inside-out combination in Sam Young and Dejuan Blair. They beat UConn twice.

Quigley: Panthers vs. Musketeers. Sorry mustache man ... I'm sticking with my kitties.

Consider this a warning for anyone who picks Pittsburgh...

(2)DukeDuke, Dick ... close enough.

MPF analysis: Yet another Big East-tested team in the Sweet 16, facing off against Coach K and his latest band of scrappy Dukies.

Quigley: Wildcats vs. Blue Devils. I am a black-and-white devil, and that's close, but c'mon. I can't pick against Wildcats!


(1)North Carolina



'Zaga, Zima ... close enough.

MPF analysis: Most people's pick for national champ, UNC features Tyler Hansborough and a hopefully healthy Ty Lawson. Balanced, deep and experienced. Gonzaga has floppy-haired sharpshooters from the Pacific Northwest (I'm assuming so at least).

Quigley: Tar Heels vs. Bulldogs. Don't know what a Tar Heel is ... my paws are white. But I can't pick a dog, my sworn enemy. So Tar Heel it is.


Yeah, that's Herbie. Nebraska Oklahoma whatever. I'm lazy.

MPF analysis: Oklahoma stormed through the Big XII behind stud Blake Griffin, but he has battled injuries. This year's 'Cuse team survived that incredible six overtime game and is a heckuva lot of fun to watch.

Quigley: Orangemen vs. Sooners. Hmmm. Don't know what a Sooner is. Sooner than what? I like colors, and I like to chase round balls down the hallway, so let's go with the big orange thing.

The Bracket Pickin' Kitty has spoken! Enjoy the games, and check back on Saturday to see how he did.

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mpf004 said...

By the way, the Cat/Bird/Dog breakdown of the Sweet 16:

7 cats, 2 dogs, 2 birds, 7 others (humans and whatnots and what have yous).