Saturday, March 28, 2009

BPK: The Results

Here are the results from the Thursday/Friday games. I was luckier than last year, in that I didn't have any Elite Eight teams already eliminated. But would that help me in the battle against the cat? (Click the links to review the rationale.)
Sweet 16: Man vs. Wild(cat)
MatchupMPF PickQuigley PickActual Winner
Louisville vs. ArizonaLouisvilleArizonaLouisville
Kansas vs. Michigan StateMichigan StateMichigan StateMichigan State
UConn vs. PurdueUConnPurdueUConn
Missouri vs. MemphisMemphis MissouriMissouri
Pittsburgh vs. XavierPittsburgh Pittsburgh Pittsburgh
Villanova vs. DukeDukeVillanova Villanova
North Carolina vs. GonzagaUNC UNCUNC
Syracuse vs. OklahomaSyracuseSyracuseOklahoma

I got five ... he got five. I failed to beat the cat. Sigh.

As for the next round: I have Michigan St., Duke, UConn and UNC in the Final Four. The cat picks gigantic head (Spartans) over birds, cats (Tigers) over dogs and whatever the hell a Tar Heel is over a nondescript modifier.

Now, to the Big East Battle Royale, Pittsburgh vs. Villanova, Panthers vs. Wildcats. Since both are in the cat family, we had to go back to the source this morning. After direct questioning failed (his blinks and stares were nonconclusive), we went to the toys.

I set out two wiffle balls, identifying the first as Panthers and the second as Wildcats. He walked over and sniffed the Wildcat. TM cheered prematurely. I said, hold on! ... Quigley walked over the Panther, sniffed it, then batted it around. That's a winnah. (This is important because if Pitt beats Nova, I am in a good position to walk away with this.)

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mpf said...

And in the Final Four:

MPF: 3 (Mich St, UNC, UConn)

Cat: 2 (Mich St, UNC)

Hooray for the humans.