Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rockies 5, Cubs 2

I've decided to take advantage of the potential, the promise of Internets/blogging stuff by writing about something that actually happened today*. We went to home game No. 2, aka Opening Day-ja vu. We think it's just as good as the first opening day, just as cold, and the tickets are significantly cheaper.

And, we got to see something that hasn't been seen in a couple years: Jason Marquis pitching well in Wrigley Field. Of course, he did it in a Colorado Rockies uniform.

There wasn't much to cheer about, since Harden gave up runs early and as usual the bats couldn't support him. And besides: it was Frickin' Cold. My face is still warming up, hours after returning home. I will say, I think this is the first time I've ever seen a guy (Harden) get eight strikeouts in nine outs, and then get pulled.

The scorecard:

The scorecard is incomplete, partially because every player and coach wore No. 42. Sixty-two years ago today Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier and so this is Major League Baseball's way of honoring him. I think it is much more meaningful when a single player from each team, someone particularly affected by Robinson, wears the 42, rather than confusing the fans, players, scoreboard operators and public address announcer.

If you click the image, you can see the "42" on the hitter's and Soto's jerseys. (Everyone else has one too.) On a side note, I was pleasantly surprised by these section 218 seats. Other than the 20 mph wind in our face, of course.

Regarding that asterisk on Harden's earned runs: the official scorer gave Harden 4 earned runs. I gave him only three, and here's why. On that Atkins single, if Sorry-ano had fielded the ball cleanly, the runner on second (Helton) would have stopped at third and never scored. That run shouldn't be on Harden just because Sorryano can't pick up a rolling baseball. That might not be literally following the rules, but you can't punish the pitcher for Sorry-ano's crapitude.

You can check out the box score here.

* -- instead of waiting a couple weeks to craft something well-written, just throwing some shit online right away.

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Scott Mortimer said...

"Opening Day-ja vu" .....oh, that's bad. I love it!!

Could you e-mail me your scorecard? I'd like to use it!