Wednesday, April 22, 2009



If you missed it, last night a cat ran onto the playing field, juked around for a while, and got captured by this guy. He had the cat cradled safely in his arms, but then the cat wriggled away, and the dude did ... that.

Just for the record, you do NOT pick up a cat by the tail. If you ever come across a cat, even a cat who shouldn't be where he is (like a major league baseball field), you still must treat the animal with kindness and basic decency.

One would be tempted to give the guy the benefit of the doubt--perhaps he panicked with 40,000 people watching him trying to corral a cat. But then I read this:

Of course, the security team at Wrigley hasn't undergone much in the way of emergency cat apprehension training. Cubs spokesman Peter Chase said he felt the employees did well under the circumstances.

El Wrong-o. I have seen a different cat in the neighborhood, running through the alley and ducking into Wrigley Field via Gate L. This cat is orange-yellow all over; last night's cat was white with black and orange spots. (Ours, since Finley asked, is black and white all over.) So yeah, you ARE going to need to learn how to handle cats if you work at Wrigley Field.

Being nice to cats: it's part of your job, and it's part of your life.

This mistreatment of my fellow cat makes me disgusted.... I need a beer.


sodeh said...

I think your cat may have a drinking problem...

Don said...

When a person runs onto the field they are attacked by both security, and sometimes players. I love this clip!

TinaMarie said...

You are sooo right Sarah... his problem is that he doesn't like the water bowl (but seriously, he is getting better...)