Monday, April 27, 2009

Updating the XCT

For whatever reason I had more fun than usual putting together this year's version of the Ex-Cub Tracker (XCT). Quite possibly because it didn't take forever, due to my sobriety. And this year I'm going to try to keep it updated, every few weeks or so. Since the Opening Day release of the 2009 XCT, a lot has happened in the lives of the ex-Cubs.

A quick note on abbreviations for the uninitiated:
OOB = out of baseball, not playing anywhere to the best of knowledge
PTBNL = the "player to be named later" in trades
ML'er = minor league player, assumed to have never made it to the bigs
DL = disabled list, usually 15 days

And now, the late April update:

Eric Young (EY) is an analyst with Baseball Tonight.

Todd Hollandsworth is an analyst with Comcast SportsNet.

Don Baylor is the hitting coach for the Rockies (this isn't new, just an oversight).

Since he is somewhat in the public arena, it is worth adding Doug Glanville: he writes an occasional column for the New York Times. Seeing today's essay (a good one) reminded me of it. Here's the main page.

Kyle Loshe (Cards) is an Ex-Cub! According to Len and Bob and confirmed by the excellent Baseball Reference, we traded him away to Minnesota in 1999 to get ... are you ready for this ... Rick Gag-uliera. (We got Scott Downs too.)

Jae Kuk Ryu was another oversight: Cubs signed him in 2001 and dealt him to the Devil Rays for 2 ML'ers. His claim to fame is/was killing an endangered bird with a thrown ball. He was sent back to the Padres 40-man roster after his March 26 waiver claim was voided by Major League Baseball. Dunno why, don't care.

Sean Gallagher (Oakland) was sent to Triple-A Sacramento. They called up an infielder, which tells me they didn't want a better pitcher, they just didn't want him.

Michael Barrett (Blue Jays) went on the 15-day DL with a muscle tear in his right shoulder, probably from punching out a teammate. I made up that last part.

Will Ohmanthatguysucked got promoted from AAA to the Dodgers on Opening Day, just missing the cut to be included in my 2009 update.

The Cubs cut ML'er Esteban German, and a few days later the Texas Rangers signed him to a ML contract and assigned him to Triple-A. (We'll see if he turns into anything, thus the beauty and/or folly of the XCT.)

Scott Williamson is not OOB! He is in the Tigers organization and was assigned to Minor League camp this spring.

Penultimatley, co-patron saint Garrett Olson was sent by Seattle to Triple-A Tacoma.

Finally, I'm waiting for the awesomely named Rocky Roquet to make his major league debut. Jerrod Saltalamacchia, beware. Your days as the awesomest-named major leaguer are numbered. (aside: who is/will be the PTBNL in this deal?)

He even looks like a "Rocky Roquet" don't you think?

So, what is the most awesome thing about him?
  1. his full name is Rocky R. Roquet (I hoped it was "Rocket" but my Cubs media guide claims it is "Roh-KAY." But still. )
  2. he went to four different colleges in three states
  3. he graduated from Cal Poly SLO!
  4. his home and road ERAs are identical (as of April 20)
  5. seriously, that name...Rocky Rocket!!


Kelly said...

What do we think the R. stands for in Rocky R. Rock-kay? Rockman? Road? Rosemunde?

sodeh said...

I would like to think that it is Ray... Then we would have Mr. ROcky Ray Rohkay :)

mpf004 said...

I'm personally rooting for Ray Ray.