Friday, July 03, 2009

Absence, Partially Explained

Don't ya hate it when a great, funny, engaging blog goes on hiatus unannounced? Yeah, me too. However, I think I have a pretty damn good excuse. Lookit all this stuff that's been going on:
  • Crushing gloomy cold and rain!
  • Ribfest!
  • Ravinia!
  • Sarah Borges!
  • Starting work!
  • New kitty! (not ours...)
  • Mosh pit!
  • Sibling visit!
  • Housewarming party!
  • A rock your face off performance by The Hold Steady!
  • Resume writing!
  • 10-Player League baseball!
  • Roller coasters!
  • Canadians!
  • Blood donation!
  • Wilco (the album) featuring Wilco (the song) by Wilco (the band)!
As you can see, that doesn't leave a lot of time for blogging. And this list doesn't even mention reading (and digesting) many of the 328 pages that are JAMPACKED WITH INFORMATION in Steele. I'll try to get caught up as much as I can in the next few days, starting with the first few (oldest) items.

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