Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hello Franklin

Good thing we have a "TMMPF News Flash" tag on this blog: yesterday we adopted a kitten!

Hello readers. My name is Franklin.

This is the first ever picture I took of him:

Our new kitty came from Second Chance Pet Adoption here in the northwest suburbs. We were familiar with the "big shelter" model from Anti-Cruelty Society in the city. But apparently in the suburbs, foster arrangement are more common: agencies put strays with foster parents until they can find a permanent home. Then the agencies host shows at pet stores on the weekends for people like us to fall in love.

I'll say this, he isn't camera shy:

Just for the record, the flash going off in his face was an accident.

It's hard to express how small a 10-week old kitten is when you are used to an adult cat (at nine pounds, Q isn't huge). This picture comes close to getting them in scale:

A better way to describe our reaction is at the 0:25 mark:

Luckily, Quigley has been a very welcoming older brother. They are playing together:

So far there have been no struggles similar to the Booni introduction.

We want to say thank you to Sharon, who was the foster parent to our kitty, and all the folks at Second Chance. If you live in the suburbs and are thinking about adopting a cat, please check them out.

And welcome to our home, Franklin!


Josh said...


sodeh said...

Hey, my cat is awesome!

Congratulations on the new addition to your family. He is adorable!!

TinaMarie said...

Your cat IS awesome, Sarah... I wonder what he would think of a kitten? Maybe you should get one too :-)

Also - fair warning to everyone that Quigley has been spotted teaching Franklin how to pick football teams...