Sunday, December 02, 2012

P6 2012: Week 14 Is Just Waiting for the Bowls

Last Saturday was the last full week of football. Yesterday was mostly conference championships and the occasional conference without a championship game (Big 12) playing out the schedule.

As a result, nothing much changed in the AP Top 25. Georgia lost and moved down three spots. The three teams in between moved up one notch accordingly. Everything else down to No. 13 stayed the same.

The only notable move was Nebraska (sorry Kelly and Larry) who was punished for getting killed by Wisconsin in the -- oh sorry, looks like Wisconsin just scored again. They fall nine points to No. 23. Also down is Kent State, losers in OT to the MAC champions from DeKalb. Only climbers of significance are Boise (+5) and Big East Champions (snort) Louisville, getting re-ranked at 22 and +4 points.

This week's trivial note: Clemson is the only team from Group "C" remaining that is ranked.

Best week: You needed to have Boise, plus a couple other gainers. That would be "M-I-L" who finished the week +8. Honorable mention to the awesomely named "Mo' Mini, Mo' Problems", who makes me thinking Verne Troyer aka "Mini Me" from the Austin Powers movies.

Enough jibber jabber, who's winning? 

"Flying Cougars" keeps her lead for another week. Heading into bowl season, she's got a one-point lead over "I Hate Caillou". Oh, and by the way, they have five of six teams the same.

Standings. Team points.

Even though the regular season is over (minus the Army-Navy game next Saturday, watch it if you love America), the Pick Six game is not over. The game is decided by the final AP Poll, which is held after the bowls. I'll have more info on the bowls before the games begin. Check out where your teams are playing and enjoy the games!

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