Sunday, December 16, 2012

The TMMPF Pick Six Bowl Viewer's Guide

There are 35 bowls in college football these days, way too many for the average fan to follow. (Way too many for even a die-hard fan, but that's a topic for a different day.)

Because we host the Pick Six game, we realize our readers wonder how the bowls will affect the scores and standings in the game. You'll only want to tune into the games that matter.

You Don't Care:

Of the 44 teams in the Pick Six game, 10 didn't make a bowl. (Arkansas, Ohio State, Auburn, Illinois, Iowa, Mizzou, North Carolina, South Florida, Tennessee, Utah). So with 34 active teams and 70 playing in bowls, you know there's a long list of games that don't matter at all.

None of these teams are in the Pick Six:
Dec. 15 New Mexico (Albuquerque): Arizona vs. Nevada (you especially don't care because it was played yesterday)

Dec. 21 Beef O'Brady's (St. Petersburg): UCF vs. Ball State
Dec. 22 New Orleans: East Carolina vs. Louisiana-Lafayette 

Dec. 24 Hawaii (Honolulu): Fresno State vs. SMU
Dec. 26 Pizza (Detroit): Central Michigan vs. Western Kentucky 

Dec. 27 Holiday (San Diego): Baylor  vs. UCLA
Dec. 27 Belk (Charlotte): Cincinnati  vs. Duke  
Dec. 27 Military (Washington): San Jose State  vs. Bowling Green   
Dec. 28 Meineke (Houston): Minnesota vs. Texas Tech  
Dec. 29 Armed Forces (Fort Worth): Rice  vs. Air Force  

Dec. 31 Liberty (Memphis): Iowa State vs. Tulsa
Jan. 5 BBVA Compass (Birmingham): Pittsburgh vs. Ole Miss  
Jan. 6 (Mobile): Kent State  vs. Arkansas State 

You Only Care If Your Name Is On This List:

Because these games feature only one team picked by one player. You'll be watching these teams alone:

Dec. 15 Famous Idaho Potato (Boise): Utah State vs. Toledo (NO Bowl Game) (and Toledo lost yesterday, sorry)
Dec. 20 Poinsettia (San Diego): BYU vs. San Diego State (How Pathetic!)

Dec. 31 Music City (Nashville): Vanderbilt vs. N.C. State (Sidney
Jan. 1 Gator (Jacksonville): Mississippi State vs. Northwestern (Daddy's reason to like softball)  

A Lot Of People Picked These Teams: 

I use the term "a lot" liberally, because you'll see one of these has just 2 pickers. Hey, 2 is more than one. The most popular game is the Rose Bowl with 46 picks of Wisky and/or Stanford.  ND/Bama has 31 players, meaning about half the game picked one of the other of the title combatants. (Not exactly because six players picked both teams.) These games will have some P6 eyeballs.

The numbers in parentheses indicate how many P6 players picked that team:
Dec. 22 Las Vegas: Boise State (14) vs. Washington (9)

Dec. 28 Independence (Shreveport): Ohio (4) vs. Louisiana-Monroe
Dec. 28 Russell Athletic (Orlando):  Rutgers (1) vs. Virginia Tech (11) 
Dec. 29 Pinstripe (Bronx): West Virginia (6) vs. Syracuse (1) 
Dec. 29 Fight Hunger (San Francisco): Navy vs. Arizona State (2)  

Dec. 29 Alamo (San Antonio):  Texas (12) vs. Oregon State
Dec. 29 Buffalo Wild Wings (Tempe): TCU (11) vs. Michigan State (7)
Dec. 31 Sun (El Paso): USC (15) vs. Georgia Tech (4) 
Dec. 31 Chick-fil-A (Atlanta):  LSU (9) vs. Clemson (8) 
Jan. 1 Heart of Dallas: Purdue vs. Oklahoma State (9) 
Jan. 1 Outback (Tampa):  South Carolina (8) vs. Michigan (15)
Jan. 1 Capital One (Orlando):  Georgia (10) vs. Nebraska (11)
Jan. 1 Rose (Pasadena):  Stanford (19) vs. Wisconsin (27)
Jan. 1 Orange (Miami): Florida State (14) vs. N. Illinois  
Jan. 2 Sugar (New Orleans):  Florida (9) vs. Louisville (7)
Jan. 3 Fiesta (Glendale):  Oregon (11) vs. Kansas State (11)
Jan. 4 Cotton (Arlington): Texas A&M vs. Oklahoma (7)
Jan. 7 BCS Title (Miami):  Notre Dame (11) vs. Alabama (18)

There are some exciting conflicts and overlaps that affect the players in the Top Ten. We'll get into those scenarios in the next post. 

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