Sunday, November 17, 2013

P62013: Week 12 Pretty Much Wrote My Obituary

Games watched: Northern-Ball St (Weds), Geo.Tech-Clemson (Thurs), UCLA-Washington (Fri), UCF-Temple (at the end), Miami-Duke, Texas-Okla.St (2nd TV), Michigan St-Nebraska, Auburn-Georgia (look-ins when it was interesting), South Carolina-Florida, Stanford-USC, Arizona St-Oregon St (some), San Jose St-Nevada (until sleepy). 

Both Notre Dame and Iowa bye'd, so it was a perfect opportunity to spend time away from the TV. We went to the Brookfield Zoo and worked on our animal identification with "Lizzie Bear." As it turned out, the 11am games were pretty boring so I didn't miss anything.

Once we got home and I started watching the 2:30 games, I wished I hadn't. Texas looked like it was in early season "get killed by BYU" mode. Nebraska was terrible against Michigan State. Miami lost to Duke. In football. I knew it was bad when the announcer said: "The Miami defense just has no answer for this Duke rushing offense!" A little bit later, a Duke RB stormed in for a TD late in the fourth quarter, giving Duke a two-possession lead. At that point, I announced my Pick Six was officially dead.

UCLA beat Washington on Thursday, South Carolina eventually got past Florida, and Oregon eventually got back on track vs. Utah (although it took a while). With only three ranked teams, you'll find my pickset way down in the standings.

Who's out: Texas, Miami and Georgia, because this happened:

That was the most important catch of the day, since it happened on 4th and 18. But this was the best catch of the day:

Who's in: USC (who deserves it, the way they've been playing lately), Ole Miss (because sure why not another SEC team) and Duke, who also deserves it. I still think Minnesota deserves it more.

Best week: Not much changed in the poll, so not much changed in the standings. In a quiet week, +5 was good enough to tie for the best performance, so congrats to "Huskers Du" and Anna.

Enough jibber jabber, who's winning?

"Dirty Diapers" remains two points off a perfect game. This is like watching Nebraska in the 90s or Florida State in the early 2000s. The dominance is so complete.

The links:

P62013 Scoreboard
Points for each team
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Top kitty: Tigger at 5th. Top kid: "Lightning McQueen" at 6th (tie). Top dog: "Quarter Dog" at 14th (tie).

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