Friday, September 05, 2008

Week 1 Review/Week 2 Preview

Week 1 Preview:

There wasn't a week 1 preview because there wasn't much to preview. Notre Dame had a bye, and Iowa had a functional bye in I-AA Maine. On the national scene, I think I've had my say already.

Week 1 Review:

Iowa thumped Maine 46-3. ND handled bye easily. Ohio hung around with Wyoming and had a lead into the fourth quarter, but those sneaky bastards pulled out the win.

Nationally: it is time for the ACC to pick up the mantle of "power conference whipping boy" left by the Big Ten. Look at this catalog of failure: No. 9 Clemson laid an egg vs. Alabama. No. 17 Virginia Tech got beat by East Carolina, and on a blocked punt at that. Maryland (sorry) beat I-AA Delaware by only a TD. Boston College beat a MAC school (Kent St.) by only 21-0. (Were they MAC Attack'd?) North Carolina struggled with a I-AA school. And NC State got shut out by a Steve Spurrier team that proceeded to lose to Vanderbilt (smart kids school). Man. Remember when NC State went to four straight bowls with Phillip Rivers? Yeah, me neither. And Virginia...well, they kept it within 45 at home vs. USC. Only Pick Six'er Wake Forest represented the conference well with a road win over Big XIIer Baylor.

Speaking of blowouts: Illinois is by far the most talented team in the country to give up 50 points thus far.

Oh, and uh: Heh heh heh.

On the Pick Six front: All my teams handles their cupcakes. Cal was the only one with real competition, and Michigan State gave them everything they could handle. (My first "I told you so" of the season, if you don't count the predicted suckage of Clemson and Va. Tech.) I think this will strengthen Cal for their upcoming non-cupcake games. TinaMarie's teams also rolled by large margins.

Quigley, on the other hand....he made some bad picks. His justification is coming soon, I'm told, but for whatever reason he picked Clemson and Illinois for his Pick Six. Oops and double oops.

We entered the season evenly matched, but those losses dropped him pretty far back from the two of us.

Week 2 Preview:

This is shaping up to be the most boring week of the preseason schedule. No ranked team plays another ranked team. The "game of the week," as it were, is Top 5 Florida against the husking shell that used to be the Miami Hurricanes. The same team that lost 48-0 in the final game at its home stadium.

Having said that, I'm looking forward to how ND looks vs. San Diego State. ND will win of course, but how? With a balanced attack? Blitzing defense? Like a well oiled machine, or like a bunch of stumbling underclassmen? A 48-3 walk won't tell us much, but a 34-31 nailbiter portends a looooong season. The talent gap is too wide for this to be anything but a blowout.

Aaaaaah we suck!

Ditto for Iowa vs. Florida International, which is one of the worst I-A programs and may in fact be the very worst.

Ohio plays Ohio State. With or without Beanie Wells (and it'll be without), this is still ugly ugly ugly. Maryland plays Middle Tennessee State. Yawn.

On the Pick Six: the only game that should cause any nervousness is Q's Penn St. vs. Oregon State. Joe Pa has suspended three players for this game, and expect the Beavers to be pissed off about losing to Stanford (smart kids). PSU is still favored, but a motivated OSU upsetting a lackluster PSU would not surprise me.

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